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Reusable Cotton Pads

Cotton is strong and durable and deserves more than one-time use. Simple, soft, and sustainable, our Reusable Cotton Pads are made from biodegradable bamboo and all-natural cotton that can be used and washed on repeat for an empowering zero-waste beauty routine. Super soft and plush, the double-sided pads easily glide across the skin for less tugging and deep-cleansing. 
  • Made from biodegradable bamboo and all-natural cotton
  • A sustainable alternative to single-use cotton pads, these ultra-soft rounds easily apply liquid products and erase excess makeup and grime. When you’re done, toss them into the 100% cotton mesh bag until laundry day.
  • Saturate a Reusable Cotton Round with any liquid skincare product and gently apply to your face and neck. 
  • Includes 20 rounds, a mesh bag for storing and washing, and wooden holder.