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Crystal Energy Pyramid

  • Titanium pyramid is one of the most powerful positive energetic tools todayThe solid structure is 99.84% pure titanium
  • Apart from other things, the pyramid can also be used to stimulate alternative harmonizing and regeneration processes
  • The energy field potential of the titanium pyramid exceeds up to 500 times the energy and vibration power of a pyramidal formation, which is not made of titanium

From the monolithic monuments of Giza to the everyday structures around us, pyramids exhibit enigmatic and unique qualities.
Emitting a deep sense of mystery, they help shape the human experience.

This makes the pyramid structure an ideal healing tool, not only for energizing but to soothe as well.

As a natural amplifier, it can be used in meditation and energy work. These elements are focused within the pyramid and emanate not only outwards with greater force but inwards as well, assisting in an increased focus for greater and longer concentration in ones meditation, or healing practice.

Recent studies found that pyramid structures create negative ions. We have all felt and experienced an over abundance of negative ions after a rainstorm and the calming effect this over abundance of ions creates. An overall feeling of serenity and of peace and calm.
This is great for Kitties as well! as felines are also naturally attracted to and enjoy negative ions.

The pyramid is said to be the best physical form of psychic protection, often depicted with the Eye of Ra.
This is one of the reasons in mind these pyramids were created.

Bring this instrument to your life, home and spiritual/healing practice.


The Nubain Pyramid is a very special shape which has been seen as a supernatural source of power or energy of the universe. It is a geometric amplifier which enhances ones strength of prayer & spiritual level. It is a sacred shape & any kind of healing or therapy done under it, is said to become more effective. It is said to give good health, wealth & well-being.  Pyramid System is based on Vedic Astrology. Pyramid geometry takes positive energies from the environment. Various Pyramid patterns prevail in nature & are very inspiring. We are aware of the holistic power of these amazing structures. So,the Pyramid shape seems to have some special energy.

1. Handmade Orgone Pyramid: Made of resin, chip crystal stones and copper powder, the exterior of this handmade stone pyramid is a resin model, it is a very beautiful Ogonite energy generator. Since the stones and resin are from nature, each handmade artwork will have a slightly difference.
2. Crystal Pyramid Energy Generator: Pyramid can gather and purify the energy in the universe and then send it out. Peridot is a stone of wealth, wrapping a Peridot money tree in the pyramid will help you attract more positive energy and wealth. The chip crystals at the bottom of the pyramid convert the negative energy into positive energy and release it through the point at the top, this has a remarkable effect on balancing Chakra , healing reiki, purifying and uplifting the personal energy aura!
3. Home&Office&Fengshui Decoration: The gemstone pyramid is an excellent decoration option for your office, home, dining table, desk, etc., it can reduce the impact of the negative energy generated by computers, TVs and other home appliances on the human body. When used as a FENGSHUI decoration, it can enhance the positive atmosphere of the family, and placing it at the head of your bed can also give you a sweet dream.
4. Energy Stone Gift: Pyramid with crystal money tree can bring good luck and fortune. make it a perfect gift for yourself, your best friends and your parents to express your love and blessings on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Mother's day, Father's day, Valentine's day, Birthday, or any other special occasion.

Material: Olivine, crystal crushed stone, resin

Measurements: 1.97*1.97*1.97in (5*5*5cm)